Transpennine Express Case Study

Transpennine Express staff completed Get Deaf Aware online training as part of their disability workshop.

As part of their initiative to add disability training into their staff development programme, Transpennine Express decided to include an introduction to deaf awareness into this. After an initial discussion detailing their specialist training needs, we were happy to recommend Get Deaf Aware Online as the perfect counterpart to their disability workshops.

Both management and customer facing staff completed Get Deaf Aware Online; taking only 45 minutes, the training fit perfectly into the training programme and allowed the flexibility that Transpennine Express required. Upon completion of the course, the staff felt more confident when approaching deaf or hard of hearing customers and felt more informed in terms of understanding and dealing with deafness in the workplace. Transpennine Express are now the first train operator in the UK to proudly say ‘We are Deaf Aware’.

Lots of deaf and hearing impaired customers use the train to travel, and we wanted our people to be able to confidently help customers. We asked all our colleagues who attended a 1 day face-to-face Disability Awareness workshop to first complete the ‘Get Deaf Aware’ e learning. This meant they came to the 1 day workshop with a decent awareness of different types of hearing impairment.

We hear lots of stories from our people where they have confidently helped deaf or hard of hearing people. It’s well worth the investment for the licenses for Get Deaf Aware.

Rich Holliday, Learning and Development Manager at Transpennine Express