Hertfordshire Police Force Case Study

Hertfordshire Police chose to undertake the bespoke Get Deaf Aware Online: police training, to improve both staff communication and deaf awareness.

Being a busy force, Hertfordshire Police wanted to commit to improving deaf awareness and ultimately provide a better overall service to all their users. Upon enquiring about some of the training that we offer, we suggested our Get Deaf Aware Online: Police package. This has been created exclusively for police forces/officers due to its industry-specific content and scenario-based learning. These scenarios consist of case study work and specialist vocabulary which would significantly increase the ability to communicate with deaf people in emergency situations.

As well as gaining valuable skill and awareness upon completion, both office and field based staff felt a sense of accomplishment and a newfound confidence when returning to work. As the first police force in the UK to Get Deaf Aware, they are now industry leaders in terms of driving inclusivity and effective communication within their community.

“We are committed to effectively communicating with all of our users and this includes providing an accessible and beneficial service for the deaf community.

Get Deaf Aware has created an informative and relevant training package specifically for police that shows our work environment and it will help teams develop a better understanding and increase awareness of deafness. We're very pleased with the results.”

Detective Superintendent Nathan Briant at Hertfordshire Police

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