What is Get Deaf Aware Online Police

An online product specifically related to the police, offering a basic insight into deafness and helpful tactics to improve communication with people who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

Get Deaf Aware Online Police can be done at a time that works with individual employee demands.

By completing Get Deaf Aware Online Police you will learn:

  • Terms and characteristics of deafness
  • Tactics to help you improve communication with deaf people
  • Communication aids for deaf people
  • What communication aids there are for deaf people
  • About communication professionals

Get Deaf Aware Online is accredited by the CPD Certification Service for the quality of its training materials. Find out more here.

How much does it cost?

Users Price per user Total
1 £30 £30
15 £13.27 £199
25 £11.96 £299
50 £10.98 £549
100 £9.99 £999
250 £8 £1,999
500 £7 £3,499
1000 £6 £5,999

What are our users saying

Why should we Get Deaf Aware?

  • Increase communication skills with Deaf people
  • Reduce staff embarrassment and increase confidence
  • Meet the demands of the UK equality act
  • Improve customer service, loyalty and retention
  • Improve understanding and awareness of deafness
  • Flexible training that is time and cost effective
  • 97% of people asked told us they believed deaf awareness training should be part of every companies training plan
  • 88% of people said that knowing an organisation was deaf aware would influence their buyer decision
  • 71% of people said they would have little or no confidence in communicating with a deaf person
  • 5 - the average rating of an organisation's deaf awareness