HMP Durham Prison Case Study

HMP Durham have completed Get Deaf Aware face to face training as part of their programme to improve both communication and accessibility between employees and visitors.

As part of an initiative to improve communication within the prison, HMP Durham wanted to undertake some deaf awareness training. Based on their specific needs, we recommended face to face training for all of their employees. We also included some basic elements of British Sign Language (BSL) to their package as a way to drastically improve their deaf communication skills and add some more practical elements to their training.

Held over two sessions, the face to face training was delivered by our expert trainer who actively engaged with all employees. Within the training sessions, there was a focus on providing a good understanding of deaf communication and gaining valuable skills which could be used within their work environment. After completing the course, key staff at HMP Durham now feel more confident when communicating with fellow deaf employees and visitors, and are keen to further develop their deaf awareness in the future.

The Deaf Awareness training was great. The flexibility, professionalism and capability of the trainer allowed us to get a really valuable message across to key staff who will be able to make a real impact with people with hearing impairment.

I myself found several of the points raised enlightening and really grasped that my previous ignorance of the subject, unintentional behaviour and busy-ness would be a real obstacle to communication. I shall adapt accordingly to ensure I help to develop inclusion and grow the understanding needed within my team.

I was also really surprised how quickly I picked up some simple signing and I am keen to investigate further the opportunities for more training for some of those key employees.

Chris Carson, Head of Reducing Reoffending at HMP Durham