Welcome to Get Deaf Aware!

How does it benefit me and my organisation?

Get Deaf Aware can help you take your commitment to providing excellent customer service further; creating a personable customer experience which demonstrates your proactive approach to becoming deaf aware and more considerate of each persons individual journey. /p>

Increasing your level of customer service can increase both footfall and income; deaf awareness training can integrate strategically into your development programmes and significantly differentiate your organisation from competitors.

Creating a world without barriers is something that we all want. Becoming deaf aware is bigger than just improving your customer service, it builds your brand and places you at the forefront of inclusivity and what is right and wrong in business. Behaving responsibly and ethically as a business is both complex and challenging; becoming deaf aware is a huge step in the right direction; allow us to guide you on your journey.

Why Get Deaf Aware?

The Get Deaf Aware brand continues to grow. Upon completion of the training, your business can take advantage of Get Deaf Aware branded material, including window stickers, pin badges for your employees and the logo on your website. Showcase your commitment and embrace positive change in your workplace.

Created in partnership with, and endorsed by Signature, the quality of our training is unparalleled and promises to produce the results your business requires. You can trust us.

How do we do it?

We have a number of solutions to support you. We can offer a short 45 minute online training course – introduce it as part of your induction programme; we can run training days for your employees; we can train your own academy trainers to deliver training to your own teams. Alternatively, if you have other ideas or if your business has specific needs, we’re more than happy to discuss our bespoke training

Case Studies

In the UK there are around 11 million people who have some degree of hearing loss. That’s around 1 in 6.

  • 88% of people said that knowing an organisation was deaf aware would influence their buyer decision
  • 97% of people asked told us they believed deaf awareness training should be part of every companies training plan
  • 70% of people said they would have little or no confidence in communicating with a deaf person.
  • 5/10 – the average rating of an organisation’s deaf awareness strategy.

Why should you become deaf aware?

  • Improve understanding and awareness of deafness
  • Training is flexible and cost effective
  • Improve customer service, retention and loyalty
  • Reduce staff embarrassment and increase confidence
  • Increase communication skills with deaf people
  • Become more ethically aware than your competitors
  • Sense of pride and accomplishment for all staff
  • Increase footfall and income
  • Differentiate your organisation